Minor surgical procedures include:

Suturing of wounds
Wart removal‚ Cryotherapy or Cautery
Excision of moles, In-growing toenails and Sebaceous cysts
Drainage of abscesses

Other Procedures:

Screening tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, HIV testing)
Computerized ECGs
Spirometry (lung function tests)
Ear syringing


The following services are provided:

General medical examination includes:

  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • Body mass index,
  • Urine test,
  • Blood sugar,
  • Vision testing

Specialised tests include:

  • Audiograms
  • ECGs
  • Chest xrays
  • Lung function tests


  • On-site basic workplace medicals can be conducted with prior arrangement.
  • Quotations for services can be provided on request.


Dr DG Govender is a designated aviation medical examiner (DAME) having completed the aviation medicine course at the Institute of Aviation Medicine.

The practice is certified currently to perform medicals on the following categories:

Class 2:

  • Private pilot,
  • Student pilot,
  • Cabin crew member

Class 4:

  • Recreational pilots (microlight, glider, free balloon, hang glider, paraglider, powered paraglider),
  • Air traffic service assistant

Computerised lung function testing, stress ECGs and bloods are done by qualified nursing sisters. Audiograms and vision testing are performed by qualified audiologists and optometrists respectively.


The following services are available:

Resting and Stress ECGs

  • Fully computerized
  • Use of a treadmill or cycle ergometer
  • Prints full ECG and physicians report
  • Incorporates all relevant patient details e.g. blood pressure, ID

Lung Function Tests

  • Fully computerised
  • Calibrated regularly
  • Print-out includes patient ID, physicians report

NB: Medicals done on an appointment basis.

  • Practice open at 7am to suite the busy executive.
  • Bleeding done by qualified nursing sisters.
  • Specialist physicians available in the same building.


Travel kits contain the basic first aid material (eg. antiseptics, gauze, cotton wool, strapping, elastoplast, rehydration sachets, anti-diarrhoeals, analgesics, etc.).

Specialised sports kits for the individual sportsman or a sports team can be assembled to suite specific needs.

The holistic needs of a touring sports team in terms of travel vaccine requirements, travel medical kits and travel advice is provided.

The clinic keeps in regular contact with the various consulates to those countries to which sports travel is popular viz. Australia, India and European Union countries. The latest travel advice is therefore always readily available.

Diving and Seafarers Medicals
Having completed the basic underwater medical course at the University of Stellenbosch in 2010, Dr Govender is certified is to do medicals on recreational and commercial divers.
Being registered with SAMSA (SA Maritime Safety Authority), medicals for seafarers are also offered.