Dr Deena Govender has 40 yrs experience in the medical field having qualified at Natal University King Edward V111 Hospital in 1979.

After 7 years at various hospitals he started his GP practice in Tongaat in 1987 and now also has branches in Umhlanga Rocks and Phoenix.

The following services are offered:

  1. Minor surgical procedures:
  • Suturing of wounds
  • Drainage of abscesses
  • Wart removal (cautery under local anaesthetic)
  • Excision of moles, in-growing toenails and sebaceous cysts
  • Drainage of Meibomian cysts (eyelids)
  1. Screening tests:
    • Blood sugar
    • Cholesterol
    • Pregnancy
    • Malaria
    • HIV
    • Substance abuse
  2. Computerized Stress ECGs
  3. Audiometric testing in an audio booth
  4. Spirometry (lung function tests)
  5. Ear syringing
  6. Contraception
  7. Weight loss programs
  8. PAP Smears

Some Personal Sporting Achievements:

  • Awarded Natal High School Colours in Soccer and Athletics in 1972.
  • Founding member of Centurions Tennis Club, Tongaat Panthers AC, Tongaat over 35 Soccer League and Tongaat Table Tennis Union.
  • Participated in 12 Comrades Marathons and completed 6 successfully.
  • Completed the Washie100 Miler from Port Alfred to East London in 23hrs, 48min in 1998, thereby qualifying for membership to the prestigious Centurions 100 Miler Club.
  • Completed 3 Two Oceans Marathons and the Hewitt 100km in Cape Town.
  • Participated in the World Veterinary Athletics Marathon in Durban in 1998.
  • Met the legendary Brazillian soccerite PELE in Rome at the the Italy World Cup Finals in 1998.
  • Attending the 2003 Rugby World Cup Finals in Sydney.
  • Part of the medical team 2010 Fifa World Cup, Moses Madhiba Stadium, Durban. Had the privilege of meeting Dunga, Cafu, Torres and Da Silva during this epic event.
  • Current member of Central Durban Golf Club.


Dr Deena Govender has a Diploma in Occupational Health (UKZN) and offers occupational health services at all his practices in Umhlanga Rocks, Phoenix and Tongaat.

The Dept. of Labour has made it mandatory to have annual health and safety medicals for all high risk workers viz: machine operators, heavy duty drivers, crane operators, workers exposure to noise, fumes, hazardous substances etc.                      

General medical examination:

  • Height, weight, BMI
  • Urine test
  • Blood sugar
  • Snellens / Keystone vision testing

Specialised tests:

  • Audiometric testing in an audiobooth
  • Lung function tests
  • Working at heights assessment
  • Resting and stress ECGs
  • 5 panel substance abuse screening
  • Heat stress assessment


We offer a mobile unit equipped with two audiobooths and a spirometer for on site medicals for 20 workers and more anywhere in KZN.

The mobile unit is air conditioned and we are capable of performing 40 medicals a day.

Our prices are competitive and volume driven and quotations for services can be provided on request.

All our equipment are calibrated regularly as stipulated by legislation and we pride ourselves on a sustainable professional service.


  1. A hard copy of the medical assessment of each worker released to the employer comprises the following:
  • Medical examination findings
  • Lung function test
  • Audiogram
  • Working at heights assessment
  • Annexure 3
  • Certificate of fitness
  1. Prices can be negotiated for higher volumes of medicals on a sliding scale.
  2. Some of our valued clients include:
    • WBHO
    • The Teichmann Group
    • Trellidor
    • Pak Plastics
    • Zinandi Trading
    • Excellerate
    • GVK Construction
    • Leitsch Landscapes


The following services are available:

Resting and Stress ECGs

  • Fully computerized
  • Use of a treadmill
  • Prints full ECG and with computerised interpretation
  • Incorporates all relevant patient details

Lung Function Tests

  • Fully computerised
  • Calibrated regularly
  • Print-out includes patient ID and computerised report


  • Practice open at 7.30 am to suite the busy executive.
  • Medicals done on an appointment basis.
  • Bleeding done at rooms
  • Biokinetic and dietitian assessments can be arranged.
  • Medicals can be performed on Saturdays.


The following services are available:

Resting and Stress ECGs

•Fully computerized
•Use of a treadmill
•Prints full ECG and with computerized interpretation
•Incorporates all relevant patient details

Lung Function Tests

•Fully computerized
•Calibrated regularly
•Print-out includes patient ID and computerized report


•Practice open at 7.30 am to suite the busy executive.
•Medicals done on an appointment basis.
•Bleeding done at rooms
•Biokinetic assessments can be arranged
•Nutritional advice also available


Travel kits contain the basic first aid material (eg. antiseptics, gauze, cotton wool, strapping, elastoplast, rehydration sachets, anti-diarrhoeals, analgesics, etc.).

Specialised sports kits for the individual sportsman or a sports team can be assembled to suite specific needs.

The holistic needs of a touring sports team in terms of travel vaccine requirements, travel medical kits and travel advice is provided.

The clinic keeps in regular contact with the various consulates to those countries to which sports travel is popular viz. Australia, India and European Union countries. The latest travel advice is therefore always readily available.

Diving and Seafarers Medicals
Having completed the basic underwater medical course at the University of Stellenbosch in 2010, Dr Govender is certified is to do medicals on recreational and commercial divers.
Being registered with SAMSA (SA Maritime Safety Authority), medicals for seafarers are also offered.